Taking Your Horses to Their Highest Level

Equine performance studies have shown remarkable improvements being achieved on the racetrack with horses sleeping in simulated altitude stalls. A recent Japanese study showed even greater improvements for horses training on treadmills within reduced oxygen environments. The study showed significant measurable gains in VO2 max and time to exhaustion for the group training in altitude on treadmills.

There is also growing anecdotal evidence that altitude exposure has had beneficial effects for horses suffering from in race bleeding, the plague of the horse racing industry for the past 50 years. Our team of Sports Scientists have just developed specific bleeding protocols that they believe will prove to be therapeutic and show tangible results if administered properly.

Working with Woodway and their advanced treadmill technology , ALTD has developed a breakthrough equine training system that targets key muscle groups, something not achievable with sleep only regimes. We are currently in negotiations with leading trainers in both the thoroughbred and standardbred industries to immediately install and implement our new systems and protocols.

The Latest Study Confirms the Benefits of Altitude Training are as Significant in Horses as in Humans


Altitude Benefits to 'Bleeders' (EIPH) and Training Stresses

Reports and Studies

The following section provides links to a number of available studies. For additional information please contact us.