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Shoutout to @twcflorida for the delivery of my water machine that takes HUMIDITY from the AIR and purifies it to DRINKING WATER! Thanks for the delivery! Stay Tuned. Shoutout my brother @hollywoodab3. Looking forward to doing projects together.

Joakim Noah, via Twitter
Altitude Water, in association with the Noah’s Arc Foundation and Co-Founder Joakim Noah (former NBA professional basketball player with the Chicago Bulls), donated a Trident Series (T-12) Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) to the Major Adams Community Committee (MACC), with the shared initiative to provide clean drinking water to the patrons of the center, while at the same time, working together with NAF and MACC to heighten awareness of clean drinking water, and the need for it in the local Chicago area, and beyond.

MACC – a Program Partner with NAF, serves children in the Near West Side area of Chicago, and has a mission “To empower families and communities”. MACC is an educational service provider that offers After School activities for students ages 6-18 years of age, and has homework assistance and sports programs.

With a long-term plan of connecting communities around the world, Altitude Water, is working together with its network of partners, corporations, and community organizations, like MACC, to start the conversation about water, and how to take care of it.