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PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla., Nov. 2, 2021 — Altitude Water, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Altitude International Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: “ALTD”) has successfully redesigned and developed a new recirculating Maxim unit along with a new mobile Maxim water unit for the U.S. military to meet specification requests by the Utilities Marines, U.S. Army Engineers and ALTD’s partner, Russkap Holdings.

“I am extremely proud of Altitude Water’s manufacturing team, for this achievement and the expediency in which they accomplished this task,” said Altitude International Holdings CEO Greg Breunich.

“The dedicated employees at Altitude Water expanded our manufacturing capabilities and production schedules, designed new systems for the military, while simultaneously training new assemblers-a remarkable feat,” he said.

“Finally, we appreciate RussKap’s confidence in our manufacturing capabilities and the opportunity given to demonstrate the breadth of what we can accomplish even when the clock is ticking and supply chain trickling.”

By creating two new variations of the original Maxim water unit in operation at Camp Lejeune since the beginning of the year, Marines now can opt for additional auxiliary water storage, as well as tap ALTD’s unique ozone purification system, which keeps water pure.

“Our listening to troops on the ground, together with Altitude Water’s capability and commitment to meet the military’s needs in real-time, sets us apart,” says Russkap President Yehuda Kaploun.

“When our military asked for more water storage and faster purification, Altitude Water’s engineers went to Camp Lejeune and integrated those requests, designed new units, and installed the upgrades in the field in just two days. Meanwhile Altitude’s home operation continued assembling and delivering new orders and meeting deadlines, taking a tremendous team effort that put us in position to keep moving forward.”

“Not only did we manufacture, ship and when needed, redesign, all of our Russkap Holdings orders for the military last month, Altitude International’s Philanthropic Arm and Advisory Board members made waves in October’s water-sphere,” said Breunich. “The team also redesigned Amy Grant’s machine to install the same recirculation technology used by the military and completed the task prior to the “Friends of Amy Grant Weekend at the Farm”. This allowed her to showcase the technology for humanitarian issues and provide water for all of the visitors at the farm.”

“Our Advisory Board Member and NBA-champion Joakim Noah, along with his father Yannick Noah, successfully shipped four of Altitude’s air-to-pure-water machines to the children of Cameroon, Africa. Additionally, in honor of the Noah family’s charitable work via Noah’s Arc Foundation and to showcase Joakim Noah night in Chicago, Altitude Water delivered a unit in the Foundation’s name to the Mayor Adams Community Committee in Chicago. Noah’s Arc and Joakim Noah have been very active in supporting the causes and programs of this center.”

“The only place to go from here with our partner Altitude Water is up,” says Ed Russo, CEO of Russkap. “Altitude’s patented ozone purification system is being requested by various government entities and we’ll get them there to help solve water shortages and contaminated water crises plaguing many corners of the world.”


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