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PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla.June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The following statement can be attributed to Greg Breunich, CEO of Altitude International (OTCB: ALTD).

Six months in as CEO, I’m pleased to report Altitude is on the rise, initiating many of the agenda items slated for the post Breunich Holdings Inc (BHI)/Altitude merger. BHI quickly raised the capital needed to support the process. The 2019-2020 Audits of BHI are completed, with Q1-2021 scheduled to conclude before June end. Documents are in draft mode targeting July or sooner for commencement of the new Altitude operations, including Altitude Wellness, Trident Water, Club Med Academies Tennis-Golf-Academic schools, CMA Soccer, and NVL Volleyball Academy, Six Log Cleaning and Sanitation and of course the Altitude Chamber Technology. Collectively Altitude International Holdings Inc will essentially reinvent itself as a high-performance business comprising multiple scalable related revenue streams in  sports, education, and associated technologies.

Altitude Chamber sales have been re-ignited after a 12-month Covid-19 related pause with a sale to the Orlando Magic and  a number of professional franchise and college candidates either in  commitment stage or moving towards that end. The Altitude technology re-occurring revenue strategy has moved from concept to reality. The new operation represents execution of a high-performance wellness revenue model inclusive of Altitude, Cryotherapy and Barometric chamber modalities, along with infusion treatments, infrared sauna, and many other private and medical pay services geared to junior adults and professionals alike.

Adrian Walton, Director of Community Outreach, has been spearheading our Altitude Basketball Academy program, and has quickly utilized his relational capital throughout top levels of basketball to garner financial backing needed to launch our basketball operations. Everyone involved shares  common goal of lifting the lives of deserving young individuals.

Less than four months ago BHI acquired Trident Water LLC knowing that Trident’s advanced air-to-pure water systems could have an enormous impact as a solution for provisioning quality drinking water. A few short months ago, Trident, RussKap, and the US Department of Defense embarked on an exploratory project for the military forces of the United States involving “Atmospheric Water Generation.” This relationship has proven to be quite beneficial not just in machine production and sales, but more importantly, to substantiate the efficacy of our systems and the quality of our water output under the most stringent testing.

Today a broad spectrum of requests come in from across the United States and  worldwide, ranging from many different areas of need, including governments and militaries, housing ships for oil platforms, as well as Ministries and not-for-profits supporting them. Most recently, we have become involved with joint initiatives involving governments, athletes, and existing education concerns in Africa. We’re quickly finding ourselves at the epicenter of these activities. Water is our planet’s most precious commodity, and  shortages of clean drinking water in Africa have caused one of the worst ongoing crises of modern times. We have the relationships, programs and deliverables in place to be an integral part of providing relief and long-term solutions to those in need.

I want to thank all of the shareholders for their support to date and in the future.

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